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A rare investment opportunity to acquire a totally unique classic racing motorcycle

      Wadkin-Snaith Brooklands SS 500  
  Sprint, Classic demo ride, noisy crowd pleaser? Details via the link above.  

Racing motorcycle or hand crafted sculpture? Details via the link above.

  Honda CB125T racing motorcycle for sale   Wadkin-Snaith Brooklands SS one off vintage racing motorcycle for sale  

Loosely based on the 1966 Honda RC116 50cc Grand Prix racer. Nearly 47 kg lighter than the legendary Honda CR93 limited production racer and with more power than the standard CR93. Believed to be the quickest accelerating, 4 stroke, normally aspirated 125 in the World at 15.61 seconds for the 1/4 mile. Comes with spares and includes a rear sprocket suitable for racing circuit demonstrations.


One of a kind late 1920's style vintage Brooklands style racing motorcycle entirely designed and built by myself from scratch as a functioning art work. It's easier to detail what I didn't make; the tyres for example! No castings were used, the engine and gearbox was carved from solid billet in my home workshop without the aid of CNC machines. Indeed much detail machining on the crankcases was completed on a milling machine of 1938 vintage! Perfect for a museum or classic vehicle collector.