Turnertech Wiltshire engineering workshop Mechanical engineering workshop Wiltshire and South West

Engineering in Wiltshire - lathe turning, milling, slotting, welding, CAD, production line maintenance: we do it all!

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TURNERTECH are specialists in one off engineering for the Wiltshire, Somerset and South Gloucestershire area. All types of engineering and repairs from removing a broken bolt to designing a new motorcycle engine.

Typically we manufacture spare parts and repair factory machinery, classic cars and classic motorcycles, security devices, garden lawn mowers, garden fencing, clocks including long case clocks and anything else mechanical that is broken. If it is mechanical we can usually fix it!

Our particular specialty is custom parts for classic motorcycles and cars, especially classic racing bikes and classic racing cars. We have been actively involved in motorcycle racing for 40 years, designing and building our own racing motorcycles. Currently we campaign a Honda CBR1100RR and a 1960's Honda GP replica 125 twin. Under construction is a new replica of a 1920's Brooklands style 500cc single cylinder racing bike. All types of repairs and parts made for classic bikes and modern racing bikes.

BESIDES a whole range of engineering and related services ( turning, milling, fabrication and engraving ) don't forget our IT department. Good quality CAD drawings and 3D images are vital for patent applications, development of new products and to help clients visualise a new concept. Turnertech can do all this and more. We can produce CAD files and verify these for use in 3D printing.

Furthermore we can produce custom machine manuals, click here for a sample page .

FACTORY production line maintenance is another of our specialist areas: From general repairs to conveyors, packaging machines etc and manufacture of spares for older machines to assisting with installation and manufacture of ducting, guarding etc. Steam and air pipe installation and repairs to design and manufacture of custom machines and handling equipment. All your factory maintenance from one source with no call out fee.

1) Bank note tester for De La Rue.

2) Radome chassis for Deltenna Ltd.

3) Porsche 924 top suspension mountings.

4) Cutting a pulley keyway during machine maintenance for a factory.

5) Model aircraft undercarriage components.

6) Factory machine converted to powered operation on a monorail guide.

7) BMW engine, converting to duplex camchain.

8) Classic car dashboard stopwatch holder.

9) Modified sprocket for a BSA Bantam trials bike.

10) Conversion of RF welder to hand operation whilst retaining foot operation.

11) Model Engineering for a customer: Making the big end for this Stuart Turner 'Major' beam engine.

Bank note tester made in Wiltshire

Radome antennae chassis for Deltenna Ltd.

Rally car top mounts

Cutting a keyway in a pulley in our Wiltshire engineering workshop.

Model aircraft undercarriage parts made for an enthusiast

Powered monorial designed and engineered in our Wiltshire engineering shop.

Converting BMW engine to duplex timing chain.

Dashboard stopwatch brackets custom made for any stopwatch

Classic bike modified rear sprocket for classic trials Bantam


Radio frequency welder converted to hand operation.

Model engineering help