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Motor Car Engineering: Classic & modern, road and racing car parts and engineering repairs.

Whether it is a classic sports steering wheel which requires fitting to a different boss. Or design and manufacture of a new Aquaplane style billet aluminium tappet cover for the classic Ford sidevalve engine, our Wiltshire engineering shop can help.

billet Ford sidevalve tappet cover engineered in Wiltshire

Modifying a classic car steering wheel to suit a new boss.

A special project undertaken for a customer was this billet aluminium timing cover for the classic Ford Sidevalve engine. Rather than use crude steel brackets to fit the engine into Lotus style cars, the new cover incorporates the engine mountings as part of the cover.

Classic Ford sidevalve billet aluminium timing cover.

Removing broken bolts and studs from car engine components for local garages is a regular job for us. Here a very expensive thermostat housing is rescued by removing a rusted in bolt.

We make and modify many parts for kit cars including here, Ford Escort front struts modified for use in a kit car.

Removing a broken bolt from a plastic thermostat housing. Ford Escort front struts modified foe use in kit car.

Here a 1948 MG TC cylinder head has been skimmed and modified to accept new valve guides.


1948 MG cylinder head skimmed and modified to take new valve guides.


A Ford Cross Flow timiing cover modified to allow access to a vernier camshaft sprocket, engine fitted in a TVR.

Removing broken and siezed bolts from this bolted up wheel was particularly difficult as the owner could not afford to remove the tyres.

Ford Cross Flow timing cover modified to allow access to a vernier cam sprocket Removing broken bolts form bolt up wheel

A batch of Muffett differential/reverse gearbox covers after modification. We developed this modification in conjunction with P J Motor Services of Box, Wiltshire to prevent damage to the pinion bearings in the standard gearbox. This has been very successful and gearboxes have been shipped from as far away as Australia for modification.

Muffett diferential modification to stop bearing damage

Big bore VW Combi engine crankcases modified with a larger breather adaptor.

New carburettor jets made for an early Porsche where new ones were no longer available.

VW Combi crankcase breather modification Obsolete Porsche carburettor jets made